One minute you’re riding high. You’re taken the Google gravy train to the top of the mountain. You have amazing rankings and your website is killing it. It doesn’t seem like the fun is ever going to come to an end. And then one day… Bam! Your rankings are gone. Departed. Disappeared. Deceased. Lost without a trace.

Oh no! Bye-bye Google gravy train

It looks like the party is over, and unfortunately so is your business.
Guess what? There is a way to recover. Pick your head up and hold it high. Stop crying in your soup. We’re going to help you take back the power in your relationship with Google!
Let’s face it…
Promoting your company website in the search engines is an amazing way to get tons of life changing traffic at a low price. Remember, the search engines are free. You just have to pay an SEO agency a minimal fee to maintain those rankings.

Maybe you were recently burned by one of the Google updates and your previous SEO company pulled a bait and switch on you. They promised you the world and then they disappeared when the going got tough. It happens all the time on this crazy thing that we call the Internet.
The Panda and Penguin updates are killers. They’ve knocked many unsuspecting businesses on their asses and put them out for the count. Are you one of them? Are you willing to sit back and watch your business fall to pieces? Are you a quitter?

You need to consider using our Panda and Penguin recovery service in Minneapolis. We’ll help you claw your way back to the top, and we’ll drag you kicking and screaming if it comes to it!
If you aren’t convinced that it’s the right move to make just yet, take a look at some of the other reasons why you should think about using our service:

Reclaiming Your Rightful Rankings

The obvious main benefit to hiring us for our penalty recovery service is that you’ll reclaim your rankings within the search engines. Instead of seeing your website listed on the 10th page of Google, we’ll have you listed at the top of the first page once again with a little time and patience.

But don’t worry because it will not take too long. We know exactly what needs to be done in order to get your rankings back. We’ve worked with some of the most highly respected SEO providers in the business. We’ve learned from the masters and we’ve got a trick or two up our sleeves that will help you skyrocket back to the top. We can guarantee it!

Still not convinced? Check this out…

Long-Term SEO Results Are the Name of the Game

You may be thinking, “These guys may be able to get me back on top of Google for the short term, but can they make it last?”
That’s an important question and it’s good that you’re thinking correctly about your business. It shows that you’re a serious player in your market.

Our Minneapolis penalty recovery service will not only restore your rankings, but we will keep you pinned to the top of Google for the long-term. We understand how to track the search engines. We understand search engine algorithms. We know exactly what Google wants and we will continue to feed them on your behalf so that your search engine rankings hold on for many years to come.
Put that your pipe and smoke it!

Moving on…

Learn Insight for Future Actions

Finally, our recovery service will also provide important insight into your online business. When we begin performing our services, we will learn everything that we need to know in order for to perform the correct future actions so that you never suffer from another Google update again.
Let’s face it…

Google will continue to update their algorithms. That is a given. So you’re either going to thrive with the next update or falter. If you hire us, thriving is a guarantee. If you continue to do nothing then you’re bound to fail.
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